Discrimination in santha rama rau s by

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Discrimination in santha rama rau s by

We were given a healthy dose of readings to do. Usually when I am assigned readings for a class my mind splits the readings into three sections… 1. Just for the fun of it? Anyway, all of our readings lead up to something. Ok, so, on to my point which really is something I never achieve… but I promise I do have one… if you read between the lines.

Meatless Days was a massive metaphor with food as the symbol. A young girl told her story of growing up with both Pakistani and Welch roots. She explained her struggle of wanting to keep both cultures as part of herself, and she described these struggles with food metaphors.

While the idea of food metaphors seems quite odd upon the first glance, it is actually quite affective. All of the food stories actually perfectly describe her encounters with people over the years. Gifts of Passage was the other story, which I must say was my favorite of the two. It was such a good story!

Discrimination in santha rama rau s by

Her family was a very prominent one in the Indian society; her father was in the Indian Civil Service and later was an Ambassador, so they were constantly moving. The story starts with her starting at a new school with the British children.

During this part of the book we see her struggle with wanting to hold on to her Indian heritage while also wanting to fit in. It later goes into her listening to stories about ghosts from her grandfather and ultimately ends with her falling in love with their gardener who was a nationalist.

So the story deals a lot with identity and sticking to her Indian culture while still trying to please herself and her family. Both of these stories deal a lot with culture and true identity. I love reading articles like this because I am so fascinated by other cultures and their way of life.

But the common issue I saw between these two stories was definitely the struggle to find their true identity. In Meatless Days she is half Pakistani, half Welch, so she struggles in knowing which cultural path to follow.

I admired her a lot for making it work and for holding on to each part of herself. In Gifts of Passage Rama Rau was struggling with the balance between cultures in a different way. She was an Indian girl living in a British world. Finding the balance between keeping her own cultural values and trying to accommodate to her surroundings was a truly difficult battle for Rama Rau.

I must put on record that I am madly in love with diversity; it is one of the main reasons why I am here at GW, so I really enjoyed reading this passage.

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It always breaks my heart when I hear stories of discrimination. But I thought her desire to hold on to her heritage and her customs was quite admirable. There are so many people in this world living away from their home country, and I thought it was great to hear from a personal perspective what it is like trying to hold on to your cultural beliefs.

Although, the one downfall of these readings was that in the end I left the table feeling bad about myself. I complain about stupid shit all the time… what for?

No more complaining for me. Although, one last complaint… I wish I had more than just Minnesotan in me… I feel so boring. Until next time… read some, laugh some, and go find your biological roots.Exile Literature and the Diasporic Indian Writer.

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They prove her right because Premila's teacher was showing discrimination towards the Indian children.

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How do you think Santha Rama Rau would answer Juliet's question "What's in a name?" How important do you think a person's name is to his or her sense of identity? Patterns of Reflection: A Reader, 6/E features a dual organization with readings that illustrate a specific rhetorical pattern while exploring the chapter’s theme.

Selections range from professional essays to annotated student essays, short stories, and poems. Santha Rama Rau, “By Any Other Name. When to Use heartoftexashop.com to Use heartoftexashop.comg Focus: Preparing Your Finished heartoftexashop.comg Started: Reflections on Growing heartoftexashop.cometh Wong, "The Struggle to Be an All-American Girl."Santha Rama Rau, "By Any Other Name."N.

Scott Momaday, "The End of My Childhood."Luis J. Rodriguez, "Always Running."Gaye Wagner, "Death of an Officer. Sep 22,  · Such as Santha Rama Rau; in the field of American literature and Dr.

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Chakravakti; professor of oriental religions and literature at Smith College in Massachusetts. Many came to this country with hopes of some day returning to their homeland.

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Discrimination in santha rama rau s by

Santha Rama Rau “A Modest Proposal” -Discrimination is powerful-One’s name is not one’s identity-Preserving self-identity and value.

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